Highland Creek Treatment Plant – Headworks & Odour Control Facility Upgrades

Location: Toronto, ON

This project included the construction of a new Headworks building and Vortex facility with the introduction of a new Odour Control System and upgrades to the existing Phase 1 and Phase IV facilities with a new Odour Control System. New concrete influent and effluent channels will be constructed to modify the existing flow diversion systems, along with the supply, installation, and commissioning of new odour collection and bio-filtration treatment systems. Furthermore, there are upgrades to the existing mechanical and electrical controls and systems throughout the plant. The project has significant heavy civil attributes, key relevant quantities include: 60,000 m3 of excavation, 35,000 tonnes of granular, 1,000 m of piling, 1,300m2 of complex shoring systems, and 16,000 m3 of structural concrete.

Contract Value

$65M CAD

Prime Consultant


Project Owner

City of Toronto

Contract Format

Stipulated Sum

Completion Date

Dec 2019

Contract Duration

60 months