Second Avenue & Marquis Road Reservoir / Pumphouse Upgrades

Location: Prince Albert, SK

This project consisted of the demolition and construction of two water pumping and distribution stations in the City of Prince Albert. At the 2nd Avenue location, the existing pumphouse on top of the 1960’s-built reservoir was demolished and reconstructed. At the Marquis Road location, the basement floors of the existing structure were retained, and the structure was expanded and rebuilt. The project added at both locations new distribution pumps, switchgear, generator, plumbing and HVAC systems.

New distribution piping was installed within the buildings and tied into existing infrastructure at the street. Associated repairs of sidewalks, paving, landscaping, and fencing were involved. The buildings are sided with quarried limestone and metal roofing.

Contract Value


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Project Owner

City of Prince Albert

Contract Format

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Completion Date

December 2018

Contract Duration

14 months