Main Street SkyTrain Station Renovations

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

This project involved the expansion and renovation of the existing Main Street SkyTrain station (elevated light rail transit station) to meet the needs of current and future ridership volumes and accommodate longer trains.

A new East Station House – primarily steel structure with glass curtain wall surrounds – was constructed, and the existing West Stationhouse was renovated. The renovation involved demolition of the existing mezzanine platform and repositioning of the stair, escalators and elevator shaft. The existing chain-link guards along the train guide way were replaced with a new steel/glass windscreen spanning from the West Station to the East.

The work involved heavy construction above Main Street and Terminal Avenue – one of the busiest intersections in Vancouver. In order to keep the existing station operational and allow thousands of commuters to pass safely through it each day during construction, all work above the train guide way was completed between 2am and 5am while trains were not operating.

Contract Value

$25 million

Prime Consultant

VIA Architecture

Project Owner


Contract Format

Lump Sum

Completion Date

August 2015

Contract Duration

30 months