Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation Project

Location: Toronto, ON

The Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation project is part of Metrolinx’s GO Expansion program. To support future two-way all-day GO service on the Barrie line, a rail grade separation is being constructed at the Davenport Diamond, one of the busiest train intersections in North America, where the Barrie GO corridor meets the CP Rail tracks. The project includes construction of a new rail grade separation between GO Transit’s Barrie line and CP Rail’s North Toronto subdivision, as well as the addition of a second main line track on the Barrie line. Also included is staged demolition and reconstruction of a rail over road bridge at Bloor Street, rehabilitation of rail over road bridges at Dupont Street and Davenport Road, a new electrical and communications building, MSE walls, a stormwater drainage system, fire life, safety and public egress, and a pedestrian underpass at Paton Road. Once the grade separation is complete, new public spaces and mutli-use trails that enhance community experience will be constructed through the rail corridor, connecting neighborhoods previously cut off by the Barrie line.

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Ongoing (planned for August 2023)

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