VIA Rail, Union Station

Location: Winnipeg, MB

As one of Winnipeg’s oldest buildings, constructed over a century ago, VIA Rail’s Union Station had seen significant degradation of its foundation structure over the years. Finding and interpreting old construction records to understand the facility’s structural make-up would be key to achieving a successful result. Graham’s initial contract consisted of a structural walkway demolition, restoration, and new construction. Disturbing and working with existing building materials more than a century old, required diligence in monitoring structural integrity and chemical makeup (e.g., the presence of asbestos). On all contracts at this busy site in downtown Winnipeg, extensive planning and scheduling are required to minimize disruption to VIA Rail’s ongoing operations, and to maximize the safety of everyone on and around the site.

Contract Value

$27.8M (combined contracts to date)

Prime Consultant

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.

Project Owner

VIA Rail


Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

In progress

Contract Duration

Initial contract started in August 2017