Kaiser Permanente Medical Office

Location: Seattle, WA

Graham was responsible for leading the Kaiser Permanente tenant build-out as part of the Ballard Blocks II development. The build-out had to meet the specific standards outlined by Kaiser Permanente, which encompass factors such as building codes, healthcare regulations, infection control measures, accessibility requirements, and other guidelines relevant to healthcare facilities.

Given the tight constraints of the site, careful coordination of spatial and delivery logistics was necessary to ensure successful delivery of the project. The objective was to complete the new spaces according to Kaiser standards, allowing them to be occupied and used by patients even before the overall project reached its final occupancy stage. This level of coordination likely involved close collaboration between Graham Construction, Kaiser Permanente, and other stakeholders to ensure that the construction and fit-out activities aligned with the project’s timeline and the specific needs of the healthcare facility.

Contract Value

$3.6M USD

Prime Consultant

Perkins + Will

Project Owner

Kaiser Permanente

Contract Format


Completion Date


Contract Duration

6 months