Waterfront Station Power Upgrade

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

The Waterfront Power upgrade project will increase the overall power limit of the station, to support recent upgrades and additions to the station, as well as supporting future development.

The scope requires an 2625ft, 25kV high voltage cable run between the station and substation which must be run along the guideway, requiring nightshift work to avoid disruptions to Skytrain’s operations. It also entails installation of a new transformer, generator, distribution panel, and modifications to existing circuit breaker 116 located at the substation (WFZ).

As of February 2022, the project is in preconstruction and the Graham project team has completed 11 site investigations (9 in non-revenue service). Completing these valuable investigations early allowed the team to identify a potential miscalculation of the original locations of the generator and transformer, which required a complete redesign, but overall, this will save money and time for the client once construction starts.

Contract Value


Prime Consultant


Project Owner


Contract Format

Lump Sum

Completion Date

October 2022

Contract Duration

15 Months (incl. preconstruction)