LRT Crossings Work

Location: Edmonton, AB

Graham was awarded the Construction Manager role for upgrades and improvements to LRT Crossings throughout the City of Edmonton as part of a City of Edmonton Call Up portfolio in 2019. The project was originally awarded as two locations but has since increased to nine locations.

The project includes improvements to train/road traffic and pedestrian safety, including the LRT crossing warning system (lights, gates, bells), ambient street lighting, and the addition of pedestrian gates. Improvements to the surrounding site include widening and improving the sidewalks and adding cameras at the crossing. Also added to the crossings scope of work was track work which included replacement of wood ties, installation of a new crossover and associated overhead power, signals, and equipment.

Contract Value

$21.7M (to date)

Prime Consultant

Hatch Ltd.

Project Owner

City of Edmonton


Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

October 2023 (estimated)

Contract Duration

100 months