Little Mountain Reservoir Reconstruction

Location: Vancouver, BC

The project consisted of demolishing an existing underground reservoir and constructing a new 175-million-litre reinforced concrete tank with an attached multi-level valve chamber building. Some of the significant quantities included 25,000 cubic meters of concrete demolition, 4700 square meters of shoring, 26,000 cubic meters of new concrete, and over 22,000 square meters of high-load roof membrane.

Unique aspects of the work included continuous wall pours of nine to 13 meters in height, the use of high fly ash ecosmart concrete, and a fast-tracked schedule that had half the project — Cell 1 — operational within 8 months. Graham custom designed the low-clearance wall forms, steel columns forms, and a unique sliding soffit system for the roof.
The Little Mountain Reservoir is located in the middle of Queen Elizabeth Public Park. As such, special precautions were required to protect the users of the park and the surrounding environment from the construction activities.

Contract Value

$26M CAD

Prime Consultant

Sandwell Engineering Services Ltd

Project Owner

Greater Vancouver Water District

Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

Nov 2003

Contract Duration

17 months