H. McIvor Weir WWTP Digester and Heating Upgrades

Location: Saskatoon, SK

The Saskatoon WWTP digester and heating upgrades project included construction of a concrete digester tank as well as a new heating building and gas scrubbing building at the existing wastewater treatment plant. The work included upgrades to the digester feed system and biogas collection system. Included within the heating building are 3 new dual-fuel (biogas and natural gas) boilers to be used for heating in the digester sludge process as well as site building heating. Two new waste gas burners were installed on the roof of the heating building. The gas scrubbing building and bio-trickling filters serve to remove H2S and condensation from the biogas. Further to this, the project included upgrades to the existing plant heating system, including replacement of existing boilers and heating piping. A new tunnel was constructed to connect the heating and gas scrubbing buildings to the existing digester building.

Contract Value


Prime Consultant

Jacobs – Calgary

Project Owner

City of Saskatoon – Wastewater Treatment Plant

Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

June 2021

Contract Duration

22 months