WSU Academic Center

Location: Spokane, WA

The 106,000 sqft. Academic Center serves as the focal point of the campus, offering a wide range of facilities and services to students, faculty, and staff. Its primary purpose is to house various student services and activities, including the library, administrative offices, and conference facilities. Moreover, the Academic Center accommodates program incubator spaces, which are designed to foster the development of new programs and support the expansion of existing ones. This allows for the consolidation of programs previously located in leased or temporary spaces, as well as the integration of programs from WSU in Pullman.

The center also includes tiered lecture facilities and distance learning classrooms, providing modern and adaptable learning environments. Computer labs are available to cater to the technological needs of students, offering a space for research, project work, and other academic activities.

Contract Value

$20.6M USD

Prime Consultant

NAC Architecture

Project Owner

Washington State University

Contract Format


Completion Date


Contract Duration

24 Months