Red Deer Wastewater Treatment Plant – Phase 3 Upgrades

Location: Red Deer, AB

This project comprised the expansion of an existing wastewater treatment plant in Red Deer, AB. Graham’s role included construction, start-up and commissioning of a new UV disinfection facility, bioreactor, secondary clarifier, and RAS pump house. Also included in the project was: the installation of a new centrifugal aeration blower; replacement of internal mechanisms for four existing secondary clarifiers; modifications to an existing RAS pump house; modifications to two existing bioreactors; installation of new WAS pumps; and construction of any associated channels, tunnels, interconnection piping, underground piping, underground utilities, and accessories.

The process systems for the project included: one UV disinfection system complete with two UV banks; one new Single Stage Aeration Blower; five Secondary Clarifier Mechanisms (one in a new tank, four in existing tanks); seven new Centrifugal RAS Pumps; two new Severe Duty Progressive Cavity WAS Pumps; two new Horizontal Chopper Scum Pumps; two Vertical Turbine Pumps for Service Water; four new Submersible Horizontal Propeller Mixers; one new Fine Bubble Aeration System; and one new Escalator fine Screen.

This project used the conventional three stage sewage treatment process, and was completed within the required timeframe. It was also completed for one million dollars under the original contract budget.

Contract Value

$31M CAD

Prime Consultant


Project Owner

City of Red Deer

Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

Nov 2009

Contract Duration

29 Months