Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Improvements

Location: North Vancouver, BC

The Ironworkers Memorial Bridge (formerly known as Second Narrows Bridge), crosses the Burrard Inlet via Highway 1, connecting Vancouver and North Vancouver. This heavily used traffic route is approximately 1.3 kilometres long with concrete viaducts and steel approach spans on each end and a center span of 335 metres.

In November 2013 Graham began work to widen the sidewalks from 1.2m to 2.5m, and provide a new three-metre-high safety fence improving safety and mobility for cyclists and pedestrians. Graham’s full scope of work included the demolition of existing sidewalks and outside railing, fabrication and installation of new floor beam extensions and structural steel to facilitate the widened sidewalks, installation of lightweight precast sidewalk panels and a new safety fence. Additional steel strengthened the lateral bracing and overall bridge truss structure; luminaries were relocated and replaced, while removal of existing sign bridges made way for two new sign structures.

Contract Value

$19.8M CAD

Prime Consultant

Buckland & Taylor COWI

Project Owner

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Contract Format

General Contract

Completion Date

September 2015

Contract Duration

22 months