Elmwood Seniors Living Community

Location: Edmonton, AB

The Elmwood Seniors Living Community Project, a collaboration between GEF Seniors Housing and the Graham Group of Companies, aims to address the need for affordable seniors housing in West Edmonton. The project consists of two phases: the construction of 70 mixed-use seniors housing lodge units and 220 affordable seniors apartment units, along with street-level retail space in the first phase, and the subsequent demolition of the existing building, Meadowlark Place Lodge, to make way for another residential building with approximately 145 affordable seniors housing apartment units.

GEF Seniors Housing will offer various services to residents, including social support, food service, and social work support, as well as space for homecare workers to reside, facilitating care-in-place services for Alberta seniors. The project aligns with the Alberta Department of Health’s recommendations to increase continuing care capacity for seniors and supports the government’s aging-in-place direction.

The ESLC Project contributes to the province’s affordable housing goals by providing over 230 affordable housing units and creating employment opportunities during both construction and upon completion. Additionally, it offers innovative funding opportunities through a public-private partnership, leveraging private sector expertise to benefit taxpayers.

Upon completion, the Elmwood Seniors Living Community will replace aging infrastructure, create jobs, and provide high-quality, affordable childcare options to address the current shortage in the area.

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GEC Architecture

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GEF Seniors Housing

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