WSDOT Olympic Region Maintenance & Administration -Headquarters

Location: Lacey, WA

The ORMAF project encompasses the construction of a new administration office building, trades shops, light and heavy vehicle repair shops, fabrication shops, materials testing lab, and central stores. This 10,000 sqft. campus serves as the WSDOT Olympic Region Maintenance and Administration Headquarters.

The previous headquarters had reached the end of its lifespan, with multiple disconnected buildings housing various functions. In response, the new headquarters was designed to integrate departments and shared spaces into a cohesive and functional campus. The consolidation of resources resolved issues related to energy efficiency, workflow optimization, and staff inefficiency. The result is an entirely new, energy-efficient campus that not only meets the needs of the WSDOT Olympic Region but also enhances operational efficiency and employee well-being.

The design and construction of the ORMAF campus prioritized sustainability, aiming for LEED® Silver certification. By incorporating energy-efficient features and sustainable practices, the project contributes to reducing its environmental footprint and creating a healthier workplace.

ORMAF received the prestigious 2021 Environment Excellence Award from WSDOT. This award recognizes the project’s outstanding efforts in promoting energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction.

Contract Value

$48M USD

Prime Consultant

IBI Group

Project Owner


Contract Format


Completion Date

June 2021

Contract Duration

28 months