Western College of Veterinary Medicine Expansion and Renovation

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Comprising 20 individual phases, this project included both new additions and renovations to the existing facility. As part of this project, the expansion included a significant commitment to bovine medicine and surgery with new classrooms, additional office space, a two-story, 1,468-square-metre (4,800-square-foot) research wing, and facilities for clinics.

A two-storey diagnostics addition with a basement total of about 3,000 square metres (9,850 square feet) and includes a new waste disposal system, an enclosed truck reception area, closed and open sample rooms, a post mortem room, a consolidated histology laboratory and more office space.

In addition, a two-storey, 8,000-square-metre (26,250-square-foot) addition to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital took place on top of 7,000 square metres (23,000 square feet) of renovations to the existing teaching hospital. Renovations included a new materials handling area, new examination rooms for small animal patients and a dental surgery suite.

The Animal Care Unit was also expanded and renovated, and renovations took place to the glassware and media preparation room. Smaller aspects included locker renovations and an electrical room upgrade and provisions for emergency power generation to entire facility.

Contract Value


Prime Consultant

Aobdt Architecture + Interior Design

Project Owner

University of Saskatchewan

Contract Format

CM as Agent

Completion Date

December 2008

Contract Duration

51 months