West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR)

Location: Calgary, AB

The West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR) project is a critical infrastructure initiative located in Calgary, AB. This contract focused on the delivery of the south segment of the WCRR, involving the construction of approximately five kilometers of new road infrastructure. Key components of this project included four interchanges, seven bridges, and a pedestrian underpass.

Project Scope and Specifications

The construction activities for the WCRR included extensive earthworks, drainage works, surfacing construction, bridge structures, and the installation of street lighting. This segment, which runs between Highway 8 and Old Banff Coach Road, represents the final section of the Calgary Ring Road, creating over 100 kilometers of continuous traffic flow around the city.

Project Milestones and Timeline

The WCRR project was designed to be completed in two major milestones:

  • The opening of Bow Trail to Old Banff Coach Road.
  • The opening of the remainder of the project.

Notably, the project was substantially completed one year ahead of the contract milestone.

Construction Achievements

The project has achieved significant milestones and outputs, including:

  • Over 1.3 million people-hours worked without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).
  • Placement of 14,500 cubic meters of concrete.
  • Installation of 5.5 kilometers of bridge girders.
  • Production and installation of 800,000 metric tons of Granular Base Course (GBC).
  • Completion of 245,000 metric tons of Asphalt Concrete Pavement (ACP).
  • Reintroduction of 25,000 metric tons of recycled ACP into the new ACP mix from milled existing roads.

The successful completion of the south segment of the West Calgary Ring Road significantly enhanced the transportation infrastructure of Calgary, ensuring smoother and more efficient traffic flow around the city.

Contract Value


Prime Consultant

Associated Engineering

Project Owner

Alberta Government

Contract Format

Design-build Lump Sum

Completion Date

December 2023

Contract Duration

52 Months