West 85th – Projects I and II

Location: Calgary, AB

Project I was comprised of four mixed-use buildings. Two buildings are 5,400-square-foot, single-storey retail units, the third is a 9,700-square-foot retail unit and the fourth building is a three-storey, 15,000-square-foot office on top of an underground parking garage. Due to Graham’s strong client relationship and performance during Project I, Graham was successful in acquiring the adjacent Project II, which consisted of the construction of an additional four mixed-use buildings, one of which included second floor office space.

Together, the eight mixed-use buildings contained a variety of commercial retail units, such as a clothing store, jewelry store, fitness centre, hockey store, several restaurants – including coffee shops and ice cream shop – dentist, salon and aesthetics, two banks, massage therapist, pottery and art studio, pet supply, and education and childcare centres. Graham’s collaborative efforts led to an effective construction phasing plan that allowed the owner to meet early tenant occupancies.

Contract Value

$27.5M (combined) CAD

Prime Consultant

Zeidler BKDI Architects (now Zeidler Architecture)

Project Owner

Bri-mor Developments

Contract Format

Project I: Stipulated Price Project II: Construction Management

Completion Date

January 2016

Contract Duration

Project I: 21 months Project II: 21 months