Walmart Store Conversions

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Graham completed two projects for Walmart Canada, for the conversion from the old Target stores to new Walmart Stores.

The scope of work included a complete demolition of the existing interiors store finishes including all ceilings, floors and existing finishes. Along with an upgrade to the underground mechanical and electrical systems.

Interior work included new flooring, ceilings, HVAC, lighting and mechanical and electrical services. There was also a large refrigeration component to the remodel for Walmart’s grocery services plus a commercial grade kitchen.

Exterior work included all new facade, signage and civil tie-in.

The work was completed around the existing Coquitlam Centre Shopping Mall and the Surrey Central Shopping Mall so strict safety protocols were enforced to keep the construction work away from the public.

Contract Value

Surrey: $5.6M

Coquitlam: $5.2M

Prime Consultant


Project Owner

Walmart Canada

Contract Format

Lump Sum

Completion Date

Surrey: March 2016
Coquitlam: February 2016

Contract Duration

Surrey: 4 / Coquitlam: 5