The Paramount DEU

Location: Richmond, British Columbia

The Paramount Development includes three residential towers, one office tower, early childhood development centre and a district energy unit (DEU).

The DEU centralizes the production of heating and cooling to buildings using energy from centralized plants. Buildings that are connected to district energy do not need their own boilers, chillers or cooling towers. These services are generated in a central location and then sent to buildings through a network of underground distribution pipes.

To better serve the schedule and coordination of the DEU, Graham opted to prefabricate the plant and equipment off site. As part of the coordination and collaboration to install the DEU equipment and materials, the project team completed a 3D model to a LOD 400 Level. As part of the 3D model and to further develop the model to assist with the installation, Graham completed a piping and instrumentation diagram level (P&ID), allowing the installation team to develop spool maps which assisted with the offsite prefabrication of the plant and equipment prior to the room being ready for the plant and equipment.  50% of material was prefabricated off of site which enabled the schedule to accelerate and provide a higher level of quality control by completing activities off of site.   

Contract Value


Prime Consultant


Project Owner

Keltic Developments/Lulu Island Energy Company

Contract Format

Stipulated Sum

Completion Date

November 2021

Contract Duration

9 Months