2022 Report on Sustainability

May 10, 2023

We are pleased to share our 2022 Sustainability Report. Graham continues to be an industry leader as we focus on three strategic areas: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). It is embedded in all that we do. Driven by our values of commitment, integrity and reliability, we incorporate best practices that support sustainability while reducing our overall impact on the environment.  

This report highlights our initiatives, projects, accomplishments and data that demonstrated our commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

2022 Sustainability Highlights 


  • Reduced our annual fuel consumption by 120,000-litres by integrating hybrid vehicles into our fleet  
  • Reduced E-waste and donated over 500 surface devices, laptops, and computers to schools 
  • Protected our planet through greener building practices 


  • Committed to safe construction practices, achieving a Lost Time Incident-free year (over 20-million workforce hours during 15 consecutive months) 
  • Raised over $300,000 for mental health through Graham’s 5/5/5 Moving for Mental Health Run 
  • Invested $1.26-million in community and sponsorship donations 


  • Invested in a diverse supply chain, spending nearly $200-million with Indigenous, female, and LGBTQ2+ contractors and vendors  
  • Continued our strong culture of ethics and compliance 
  • Increased employee awareness of cybersecurity through 21,497 phishing simulation emails and saw and a pass rate of 80% pass rate