Surrey Main Works Yard

Location: Surrey, British Columbia

This project completely reconfigured and densified the City of Surrey’s existing Operations Centre and Works Yard site to provide a new Operations Centre and Fleet Maintenance Facility.

The scope of work consisted of three main buildings including a four-storey Operations Centre/Administration Building with a single storey workshop, a Fleet Maintenance Building and Warehouse including vehicle maintenance bays, repair shops and office space as well as three pre-engineered structures including a Decant Facility and two Storage Buildings providing general storage and loading space. The project also included space for fleet parking, storage, social gathering, loading, and off-site works. 

Construction was executed in phases since it was critical to maintain uninterrupted facility operations. Overall schedule was met, finishing the final phases slightly before the original scheduled completion date. The facility has achieved LEED Silver Certification and is to be 40% more energy efficient than a typical Operations Building.

Contract Value

$54 million

Prime Consultant

Taylor Kurtz Architecture & Design

Project Owner

City of Surrey

Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

September 2016

Contract Duration

40 months