Summit Pacific Medical Center

Location: Elma, WA

The Summit Pacific Medical Center project in Elma, Washington involved the development of a new, free-standing hospital spanning 40,000 sqft. The project focused on constructing a single-story structure that incorporated various essential elements and features. The hospital’s design encompassed different functional areas, including a patient wing, an intensive care unit, and administration suites. These spaces were carefully planned and constructed to meet the specific needs of a healthcare facility.

Additionally, the project encompassed site development, including site access, circulation, and parking to ensure convenient and safe movement within the hospital premises. The inclusion of a helipad and a mobile MRI pad further facilitated efficient patient transportation and diagnostic services. Infrastructure improvements, such as utility upgrades, were implemented to ensure reliable and enhanced services within the hospital.

Contract Value

$12.9M USD

Prime Consultant

Scherer Associates Architecture and Planning

Project Owner

Summit Pacific Medical

Contract Format


Completion Date


Contract Duration

24 Months