SPS Finch Elementary

Location: Spokane, WA

The $22.5 million remodel and expansion project involved an existing elementary school that was initially built in 1923 and holds historical significance in Spokane. Notably, this elementary school was the first in Spokane to be listed on the National Historic Register.

In this project, the goal was to preserve the historic integrity of the original school while introducing necessary updates and additional space. All the original school, spanning 100% of its structure, was retained as part of the project. However, a new wing was added to accommodate the desired expansion. The original exterior unreinforced masonry walls were carefully preserved and reinforced. These walls were then connected to a new structure, which provided support for remodeled interior spaces and the installation of new windows throughout the facility. This approach allowed for the retention of the school’s historical character while ensuring the building’s structural integrity and compliance with modern standards.

Contract Value

$22.5M USD

Prime Consultant

Madsen Mitchell Evanson & Conrad

Project Owner

Spokane Public Schools

Contract Format


Completion Date


Contract Duration

16 Months