South Calgary Emergency Response Station

Location: Calgary, AB

This three-phased project included the construction of a new Emergency Response Station, the subsequent demolition of the original adjacent facility, and the construction of a memorial park and parking lot.

The new two-storey facility has three apparatus bays on the main floor that house six fire trucks. Included was in-floor heating and drainage systems and an intricate ventilation system to maintain building air quality. The main floor also houses multi-use offices, meeting rooms, and a kitchen. The upper floor consists of dorms, bathrooms, and a workout room for staff.

The existing fire hall remained fully operational during construction and only faced one day of downtime in order to move operations from the old facility to the new. The original historical fire hall was then decommissioned. Graham was careful to handle sensitive historical materials properly, salvaging as much of the building as possible for use in museums. The brick on the building was salvaged and used in the new building and in the landscaping of the memorial park and bench. Also included was artwork and statues constructed from firehose couplings.

The new building achieved LEED Gold, and the project was completed over a month ahead of schedule and under budget.

Contract Value

$7.5M CAD

Prime Consultant

S2 Architecture

Project Owner

The City of Calgary

Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

September 2012

Contract Duration

14 months