SIA Felts Field Mamer Clock Tower

Location: Spokane, WA

The refurbishment of the historic Mamer Clock Tower at Felts Field posed unique challenges due to its location and the need to maintain public access. The project required careful planning and coordination to ensure the smooth operation of the adjacent Skyway Café and Aero Center Commercial terminal.

One of the key considerations during the project was the proximity of the clock tower to the active taxiway and the Airside Operations area. The project team had to work closely with airport authorities to ensure that their activities on the north side of the tower did not disrupt ongoing operations or compromise safety.

Additionally, the jobsite office or connex, where the project team was based, was situated near the main entrance. This location allowed for convenient access and served as a central hub for managing the project.

Contract Value

$423,000 USD

Prime Consultant

SPVV Landscape Architects

Project Owner

Spokane International Airport

Contract Format


Completion Date


Contract Duration

4 Months