Rêve Crossroads Residential Tower

Location: Seattle, WA

Rêve Crossroads is a new development project situated on Rainier Avenue South in Seattle. Led by Graham, the project involves the construction of an eight-story building spanning 119,000 sqft. The development features 153 apartment units, comprising a mix of small efficiency dwelling units (SEDUs), co-living four-bedroom units, studios, and one-bedroom units, and includes subterranean parking.

Collaborating with Encore Architects and Rêve Development, Graham aims to bring this $40 million project to life. The architectural design by Encore Architects will create a visually appealing and functional living space for residents.

By constructing a mix of unit types, including SEDUs, co-living units, studios, and one-bedroom apartments, Rêve Crossroads aims to provide housing options that accommodate different lifestyles and preferences. The subterranean parking facility will offer convenient parking solutions for residents, maximizing the use of available space.

Contract Value

$40M USD

Prime Consultant

Encore Architects

Project Owner

Rêve Development

Contract Format


Completion Date

Q3 2023

Contract Duration

24 months