Rehabilitation of 5th Avenue Flyover

Location: Calgary, AB

The Rehabilitation of the 5th Avenue Flyover Bridge Project involved the rehabilitation and stability strengthening of the existing bridge structure. Rehabilitation activities included concrete repairs to both the substructure and superstructure, post-tensioning repairs, shear strengthening, expansion joint replacement, replacement of deck edge barriers including rail installation, new pathway widenings and replacement of the bridge deck overlay. The post-tensioning repairs and shear strengthening consisted of drilling, installing, and tensioning over 3,500 threaded rods, with most of the work being completed within the confined space of the girder cells. This project also included scopes of work to be completed over the Bow River at two (2) piers and along the West deck edge. Graham implemented a hanging “Quick Deck” scaffold, equipped with tight plywood joints so no material could fall through, followed the Navigable Water Act Permit requirements, and provided a safe working platform. As the primary route out of the downtown core with four lanes of active traffic and seeing an average traffic volume of 46,000 vehicles per day, the 5th Avenue Flyover Bridge required detailed traffic coordination and staging planning with The City of Calgary. In addition to the traffic, pedestrian accommodations were also required due to the project’s proximity to the Riverwalk pathway system. This project included several pedestrian detours along the East pathway and North Underpass pathway. This project was the first of a kind for the City of Calgary with funding by the Alberta Government as part of the pandemic stimulus program, and funding was required to be fully spent in 2021.

Contract Value

$6.34 M

Prime Consultant


Project Owner

City of Calgary


Contract Format

Completion Date

December 2021

Contract Duration

8 months