OSB Plant Building & Foundations

Location: Hudson Bay, SK

Graham provided construction services for an Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Plant that included the design, supply and installation of a pre-engineered metal building and foundations, installation of a fire protection system, installation of concrete foundations, and installation of underground electrical conduits, and a camp facility.

Concrete Foundations 1 & 2
Concrete Foundations Package 1 comprised of constructing the Press Pit foundation (3,040 cubic metres) and the Log Ponds foundation (1,940 cubic metres) which required approximately 20,200 cubic metres of fill with a complete waterproofing system to the exterior of the foundations.

Concrete Foundations Page 2 included the construction of approximately 400,000 square feet of concrete slab with average thickness of 7″, along with I.D. Fans, Strander/Flaker, Wet Fuel Bin, Dry Fuel Bins, Dryer Foundation, Energy System Pit, Rotary Screen/Cyclone Foundations, Electrical Rooms (6), Saw Foundations, and Transformer Pads. The scope totalled approximately 14,5000 cubic metres of concrete with roughly half being poured in winter conditions.

OSB Plant Building
The building covers a total of 460,000 square feet with eave heights to 100 feet and bridge cranes with capacities from 3 to 20 tons. The building was design and supplied in six phases in order to facilitate fast-track construction and meet the demanding schedule.

Fire Protection System
As part of our scope of work, Graham supplied all labour, equipment and material for the installation of the fire protection system. This included installation of 2.5 kilometres of underground piping (11 foot bury depth), 19 fire hydrants, 28 post indicator valves, 11 building risers, two 1,000,000-gallon fire water holding ponds, and a pumphouse building connecting the HDPE lined fire ponds to the underground distribution system. Graham’s wellpoint dewatering system was utilized to allow dry access for system installation.

Underground Electrical Conduits
Graham supplied and installed 45,000 feet of PVC and rigid steel conduit, which included excavations, backfill and concrete protection.

To ensure work would be completed efficiently, Graham supplied and operated an accommodation facility to house 360 trades personnel during the construction of the OSB Plant. The camp included a dining hall with a 288-person seating capacity, and a 267 square metre recreation facility to be used as a games room, TV room, card room, and lounging area. Also included was a parking area with plugs-ins for up to 210 vehicles.

Contract Value

$31.2 M CAD

Prime Consultant

Project Owner

Weyerhaeuser Co. Ltd – Hudson Bay OSB2000


Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

Aug 2000

Contract Duration

17 months