Project Update – Rosthern School Ready for Back to School

September 1, 2020

As we enter back-to-school season, students at the Rosthern Community School are starting their school year in a brand new building!

Graham is thrilled to announce the completion of the pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 school, which replaces the existing elementary and high school in town, both of which are approximately 70 years old. The $26.5 million school is designed to hold up to 400 students but could hold 500 through portable classrooms if necessary.

The two-storey building, complete with parking, landscaping and playing field, is unique in that all ages of students will have their specific areas for classes and learning while being attached to all the other age groups through the common areas of the school. It will also be home to a new child-care facility for up to 30 children, providing young families in the community the chance to pursue their education, job training or career opportunities.

Timing for the opening this year couldn’t be better, as the new building boasts much more room and includes new design elements and technology that make it easy for cleaning, allowing students and staff to better adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

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