Grant Beck Awarded CCA Person of the Year

June 15, 2020

Graham is honoured the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has selected Grant Beck to receive this year’s Person of the Year Award. Mr. Beck served as Graham’s President and CEO from 2012 until his passing last year.

“Grant was an unfailingly hard worker, an inspiring mentor, and true friend. He was such a compassionate person both at work and in his personal life. It often amazed me how much he fit into his life,” says Andy Trewick, President & CEO.

It was not just his business acumen people respected; it was also his dedication to constant improvement, both for himself and for his company. Having 40 years experience in the construction industry, Grant understood how to motivate employees. His leadership throughout the years focused on adjusting properly to situations, including adapting people’s roles and responsibilities to align with their own skills and desires as well as identifying unique attributes in team members and providing them with the best opportunity to perform and shine.

The CCA Person of the Year Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate the qualities of a leader and who apply the highest standards and principles of the construction industry and business community. This person has demonstrated a pursuit of excellence in any field serving the Canadian construction industry.

More details about this award can be found on the CCA’s website.

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