Consolidating and Upgrading Powell River’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

May 12, 2021

After a competitive RFQ process, Graham is proud to announce we have been awarded the Powell River Consolidated Wastewater Treatment Plant (CWWTP) project.

Located in Powell River, BC, the CWWTP project is a CDN$61 million conventional bid-build greenfield WWTP, that will consolidate and upgrade multiple smaller components of the City’s current wastewater treatment system. This project will move Powell River forward in compliance with future treatment commitments.

The scope of work consists of bulk earthworks, underground utilities, retaining walls, roadwork, structural concrete work in the process building as well as:

  • administration building
  • bioreactor complex; process treatment systems in screens
  • grit removal
  • bioreactors
  • secondary clarification
  • ultraviolet disinfection
  • digesters
  • dissolved aeration flotation
  • centrifuge dewatering
  • chemical dosing systems
  • odor control

An addition to the RFP was the marine outfall, previously to be a separate contract, specifically as a construction management component. Powell River is a bustling coastal city with unique supply chain logistics. Access and delivery to site will be through ferry service, flights and tugboat/barges.

Construction begins immediately.

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