Natural Resources Engineering Facility – NREF

Location: Edmonton, AB

The NREF Renewal project was completed to change two floors (L3 and L4) in an University of Alberta engineering building from grad offices and shell space to research labs and to upgrade the building’s mechanical and electrical systems. The wet labs on each floor received fume hoods, stainless steel ductwork, new lab casework and epoxy flooring.

The mechanical scope was approximately half of the project’s value. The building’s three major exhaust fans were demolished and replaced. One fan was done at a time because the building’s exhaust system had to remain operational throughout the project. New supply air fan walls were also installed in the existing plenums. These were also done one at a time and each was commissioned and put into operation immediately upon completion.

The project also included adding conference and meeting rooms and upgrading the finishes in the atrium corridors. The conference room work included adding additional structural steel and pouring slabs to extend the floor area and installing a new interior curtain wall.

Contract Value

$14.8 M

Prime Consultant

START Architecture

Project Owner

University of Alberta

Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

June 2020

Contract Duration

14 months