Mt Milligan Copper/Gold Project

Location: Fort St James, BC

Graham scope of work included the construction of a 105’ high Primary Crusher structure used to process the ore material, construction of the ore reclaim tunnel and foundations with walls and slabs, completion of the construction of the pebble crushing house and slab, construction of the grinding area, flotation and concentrator building foundations and elevated slabs. Along with this work there were some other small foundations and slabs completed throughout the plant site.

In total, Graham supplied and installed of 46,800 m3 of concrete that was used to build this new copper gold mine. Graham self-performed all concrete work and leveraged its own fleet of equipment.

Contract Value

$93M CAD

Prime Consultant

Project Owner

Terrane Metals Corp

Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

Feb 2013

Contract Duration

20 months