Memorial Drive Redevelopment

Location: Calgary, AB

Working with The City of Calgary and project consultants, Graham completed extensive architectural and landscaping works along Memorial Drive in Calgary. Commencing in July of 2008 with the Memorial Drive Landscape of Memory Phase I, Graham constructed concrete planters, lighting and surrounding landscaping along a stretch of Memorial Drive.

We were then further engaged to undertake the design and construction of the Memorial Drive Landscape of Memory Phase II – Poppy Plaza. It comprised pile supported retaining walls and plaza areas, including extensive wooden and balau decking, war memorials, ornate corten steel with a symbolic rust finish and various quotes that are cut into the steel and backlit, new lighting infrastructure, benches, and landscaping. This was then connected by a pathway to the Calgary Soldiers’ Memorial, a six-stone-tablet memorial in recognition of military personnel lost in combat. The associated steel structure is designed to look like the deck of ship, and the steel itself has a rust finish to match that of Poppy Plaza. Following this was the Pathway to the Peace Bridge, an extensively landscaped and architecturally designed footpath, as well as the Riverwalk Structures, which allow the public to look out over the river.

Contract Value

$28M CAD (combined)

Prime Consultant

Stantec Consulting | Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative Inc. (Calgary Soldiers’ Memorial, only)

Project Owner

The City of Calgary

Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

June 2013

Contract Duration

60 months (for all projects)