Melville Potable Water Supply System – Water Treatment Plant and Wellfields

Location: Melville, SK

The scope of the project included two new wells located on the Hatfield Aquifer, a new water treatment plant with potable water storage reservoir expansion and process wastewater handling system. The work included the raw water supply system and pump station for the Well No. 5 and No. 6 at Hatfield Wellfield, modification of the control system for Well No. 4 and No. 5 at Melville Wellfield, construction of the new WTP including substructure, superstructure, process equipment, process piping and building mechanical, electrical and controls, and installation of owner preselected RO membrane system.

The new plant replaces the existing surface water treatment plant which had served the City and the surrounding district in various capacities since it was first constructed in 1959 and expanded in 1989 to include a ground water treatment plant. The water quality of the Hatfield Aquifer source is characterized by high levels of arsenic, iron, manganese, ammonia, sodium, sulphate, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, and hardness.

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Prime Consultant

Associated Engineering Sask Ltd.

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Completion Date

March 2020

Contract Duration

28 months