Kenmore City Hall

Location: Kenmore, WA

The Construction of a new 21,600 sf City Hall in Kenmore, WA. The building serves as a hub for city administration, featuring Council Chambers, a community meeting room, and offices. It includes an emergency operation center, exceeds seismic codes, and has emergency power generation. The project prioritizes sustainability with a LEED Gold rating.

The Kenmore City Hall project showcases the city’s commitment to efficient governance, community engagement, and emergency preparedness. It provides essential spaces for city functions and community events, including Council Chambers and versatile meeting rooms. Designed as an “essential facility,” it surpasses seismic codes and incorporates advanced structural features. The project also includes a temporary skate park and ample parking spaces. With its LEED Gold rating, the Kenmore City Hall promotes sustainability while serving as a central gathering place for civic activities.

Contract Value

$8.2M USD

Prime Consultant

Weinstein A/U Architects and Urban Planners

Project Owner

City of Kenmore

Contract Format


Completion Date


Contract Duration

24 months