Kakisiwew School Addition & Renovation

Location: Ochapowace, SK

Graham proudly partnered with Ochapowace First Nation for the expansion of the Kakisiwew school. Stage 1 of the project included the addition of both the North and South classrooms and a storage shed. Work to the existing central mechanical and electrical systems was also completed along with exterior renovations to the existing building. The second stage involved a full renovation of the kitchen and cafeteria, cultural room and other interior renovations to the existing building. Graham used own forces to perform all concrete work including grade beams and concrete retaining walls, the installation of glulam beams and structural wood decking as well as the installation of all doors, frames, and hardware.

Contract Value


Prime Consultant

Heney Klypak Architect

Project Owner

Ochapowace First Nation

Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

April 2020

Contract Duration

23 months