Highway 11 and Victor Road Interchange

Location: Saskatoon, SK

This project involved the construction of a highway overpass structure over Highway 11 at the south end of Saskatoon, along with approximately 2.3 lane kms of roadway entrance and exit ramps. The structure consists of driven steel pile foundations with concrete pier and abutments and concrete box girders. There are 9 metres of high vertical MSE walls at each abutment.

The underlying soil in the area is soft clay, making settlement and pore pressure dissipation a major design consideration. Wick drains were installed in the clay soil prior to embankment construction. The entire embankment and ramps within 300 m of the structure were built with granular soil. The MSE walls at the abutments are 2-stage walls, with wire mesh baskets installed first followed by a settlement period, then concrete facing panels installed in the typical brick pattern. There was 113,000 m3 of granular imported and installed in the roadway embankments.

Contract Value


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Project Owner

Dream Asset Management Corporation

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Completion Date

September 2016

Contract Duration

16 months