Healthy People. Healthy Workplace.

October 4, 2021

For the fifth consecutive October, Graham is participating in Healthy Workplace Month. As our theme this year is mental health, we will provide our employees with additional information and resources to help them navigate through common mental health issues such as, mental illness, managing stress, mindfulness and self-care.

In a 2020 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), construction had the second-highest suicide rate of all occupational groups, at 45.3 workers per 100,000. Those that were particularly affected were construction managers and young men. The CDC also states that construction workers are more at risk for alcohol and substance abuse, among other harmful behaviours.

Mental health issues can affect anyone at any time. It is therefore imperative for us to continuously support our employees’ mental health. While extra attention will be given to mental health this month, our efforts to support our employees’ physical, mental, financial and social health occur year-round through a dedicated Health and Wellness Hub and a confidential Employee Family Assistance Program.

The stigma often associated with mental health issues is changing, and mental health is now considered by many to be part of their overall health. Participating in Healthy Workplace Month year after year is just one of the ways Graham continues to prioritize the health and safety of its people.