Giving Back with the West Totem Collab

June 14, 2021

Giving back to our communities is integral to our culture. It has been an honour to be part of the West Totem Collab – a committee consisting of Stream-Flo, Oxford Properties Display Co. and Graham uniting to support STARS Air Ambulance, Indigenous communities and the strong resource sectors across North America. The Collab partnered with Squamish First Nation for the creation of a totem pole to bridge Indigenous communities with the energy sector.

Carved by Ray Natraoro, a Squamish-based master carver, the Totem Pole named Xaays, meaning “Transformation” showcases five values: Partnership, Integrity, Family, Resilience and Vision. The beautiful piece of art incorporates natural gas flame, wind, sun, an oil drop, and oilfield equipment, along with other traditional cultural elements.

The collaboration was a perfect partnership as we have a long-standing relationship with Squamish First Nation. For more than 20 years, Graham has worked alongside Indigenous communities building mutually beneficial opportunities for economic and community development as well as education and training with Indigenous groups.

In June the Totem Pole was auctioned off, and we’re excited to be the successful bidder! The pole will proudly stand in our Corporate Head Office in Calgary, AB. All proceeds from the auction go towards STARS Air Ambulance, Squamish First Nation and Community Futures Treaty Seven.

We’re very proud to be a part of the West Totem Collab as it reminds us that energy, oil, and gas will collaborate with Indigenous communities, and it supports the life-saving work of STARS Air Ambulance. As a company with many remote work locations committed to safety, we are truly thankful to know that STARS is there. We’re honoured to support STARS and Indigenous communities now and into the future.