Frank Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Location: Frank, AB

The project consists of the construction of a second process stream for incoming wastewater, a major headworks building addition and a new secondary clarifier that also houses a swing zone, two bioreactor sections and a digester. The project also involves upgrades to the existing plant with two new centrifuges, a new sludge storage aeration system, new sludge transfer pumps and polymer delivery pumps, along with a new lunchroom, upgraded lab and new interior and exterior finishes.

Graham is self-performing the concrete and process mechanical scopes, with earthworks, structural steel, plumbing and HVAC, electrical and instrumentation scopes remaining subcontracted.

The upgrades will increase treatment capacity and will enable the existing facility to be taken offline for its planned maintenance.

Contract Value

$22.7M CAD

Prime Consultant


Project Owner

Municipality of Crownest Pass

Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

Summer 2022

Contract Duration

16 months