Empty Cup Coffee Collective

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Empty Cup Coffee Collective is a locally-owned coffee company featuring an in-house roasting process. The project involved the re-purposing of an existing space to be used as the home of the new café. One of the key renovation aspects involved the installation of state-of-the-art coffee roasting equipment alongside other key appliances. The space is also being used to produce, package, and store coffee for distribution throughout the country. During pre-construction, Graham worked with the consultant team to maximize the use of the previously constructed space and design an efficient manufacturing/retail facility for the client. Graham worked with the client and the designer throughout the project, recommending cost saving adjustments.

Contract Value

$1M ($994,903 = not quite 1 Million)

Prime Consultant

Nejmark Architect

Project Owner

Tallman Investments Ltd.


Contract Format

Construction Management

Completion Date

February 2021

Contract Duration

7 months