Dakota Dunes Casino

Location: Whitecap Indian Reserve No.94 SK

This project consisted of a 7,000 sq. m (75,350 sq.ft.) state-of-the-art casino facility with a full dining area, banquet facility, administrative area and themed gaming area. The project consisted of two contracts, one for the shell and another for the interior. The casino was constructed on the Whitecap Indian Reserve with a native theme used for the building structure and the interior elements.

Under the gaming floor area we used an access floor system to allow for electrical connection to all the various gaming machines and theme elements that could then be configured in an endless options of layout to keep the gaming area fresh and new for returning patrons.

Some of the feature items in the casino include a water wall on each side of the entrance to the gaming area, faux fire pylons which symbolize home fires, a handcrafted buffalo jump made from solid rock, and sculpted life-sized buffalos, as well as many other native themed elements that make this casino an exceptional gaming experience. The native themed elements, unique to this project, were handcrafted in California and then shipped to Whitecap to be assembled and installed.

Contract Value

$39.3 M

Prime Consultant

Klypak Rusick Architects (Shell) & Thalden Boyd Architects (Interior)

Project Owner

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Inc.

Contract Format

Stipulated Sum

Completion Date

August 2007

Contract Duration

18 months