Construction Safety Research Alliance Celebrates Graham Employee

November 28, 2023

In 2019, Graham and five other founding members created the Construction Safety Research Alliance (CSRA). Today, the CSRA has close to 100 member construction companies that employ over 1 million workers across 170 countries. The alliance aims to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities in the construction industry by bringing together industry leaders and academia to conduct transformative research and defendable science.

Brian Polis, Graham’s Senior Director of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) was recently awarded the Safety Leadership Award by the CSRA at this year’s annual Safety Summit. This award recognizes individuals who have exhibited leadership in supporting the CSRA Research Teams and industry outreach supporting the CSRA.

Mike Court, the Senior Vice President of Health Safety Environment Quality and Sustainability at Graham and Chair of the Board at CSRA, presented Brian with this award.

“We are excited to see our employees take the lead in important areas of HSE in the construction Industry. By acknowledging the contributions of safety leaders like Brian, the CSRA is delivering transformative research in preventing SIF’s in the Construction Industry. Congratulations to Brian for his courageous leadership and support to Graham and the CSRA,” said Mike Court.

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