Columbia Basin Hospital

Location: Ephrata, WA

The expansion and renovation project of the Critical Access Hospital in Ephrata, Washington involved significant changes to the existing facility. The project encompassed the demolition of the previous 11-room structure and the subsequent renovation of a Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility. Additionally, new construction was undertaken to create a single-story facility comprising 25 private patient rooms, with a total area spanning 46,000 sqft.

A notable feature of this project is the emphasis placed on engaging local subcontractors. Graham demonstrated a strong commitment to the community by sourcing an impressive 60% of the subcontractors locally. By involving local subcontractors, the project not only benefitted from their expertise and contributions but also provided economic support to the surrounding area. This approach fosters collaboration with the local community and promotes regional economic growth.

Contract Value

$9.3M USD

Prime Consultant

NAC Architecture

Project Owner

Columbia Basin Hospital

Contract Format


Completion Date


Contract Duration

24 months