CFB Trenton Maintenance and Operations Hangar

Location: Trenton, Ontario

As part of the Canadian Department of National Defense’s campaign to expand the Canadian Forces base in Trenton, Ontario, Graham supervised the construction of a maintenance hangar on its north airfield. The facility is used for second-line maintenance of the CC-130J ie., ‘Super Hercules’, aircraft. Graham worked with consultant SNC-Lavalin to construct the 125,000-square-feet, two-hangar bay facility, as well as 50,000-square-feet of office space and shop support. In the hangar, a series of 15-foot-high trusses span the 185-foot-wide bay. The exterior of the building is comprised of architectural aluminum panels, curtain walls, spandrel glass, masonry, and a thermoplastic polyolefin roofing system.

Contract Value

$47M CAD

Prime Consultant


Project Owner

Canadian National Department of Defence

Contract Format

Stipulated Sum

Completion Date

July 2013

Contract Duration

22 Months