Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21, 2022

As Graham’s reach continues to expand across North America, it is becoming increasingly important to honour the traditional territories on which we live and build. Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day is an opportunity to reflect and recommit to doing all we can to ensure that we expand and grow alongside our Indigenous partners and preserve their communities and way of life.

“Graham is committed to doing all we can to respect the lands, culture and traditions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Our path forward includes our Indigenous partners.” Cecil Dawe, EVP, Industrial & Infrastructure West states, “As we focus on building new and maintaining existing Indigenous partnerships, our teams are ensuring a better future for both Graham and Indigenous people.

Tied to our Indigenous Statement of Principles, our approach ensures that partnerships are beneficial to Indigenous businesses, communities and people. We move beyond creating short-term jobs to building broader capacities that sustain long-term community and business success and lead to individual career growth.

“Graham projects lie within traditional territories and First Nations are looking for partners with the capacity to deliver projects collectively. These partnerships create employment, training, economic development and educational opportunities,” notes Terry Mitchell, Graham’s VP, Indigenous Relations. “Our priority is to support them in those goals.”

Each Indigenous partnership has unique characteristics that create a cultural base that influences how things are done, how we build the relationship and how we pursue projects in a mutually respectful manner. Graham is stronger when we celebrate these differences and work collaboratively.

Beyond our corporate responsibility, Graham encourages all employees to find meaningful ways to engage with Indigenous people and communities and increase their awareness of Indigenous history. Employees are encouraged to:
1. Donate to a local Indigenous-owned or focused charity or organization.
2. Participate in local events with their family and friends. Events may include powwows, drum circles or events at museums.
3. Learn whose lands you have lived on or travelled to by visiting https://native-land.ca/.
4. Read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 94 Calls to Action.

Looking forward, Graham will diligently continue to work with our Indigenous partners to ensure their communities, people and futures, thrive.