Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant – Various Projects

Location: Calgary, AB

Bonnybrook is the City of Calgary’s largest wastewater treatment plant and serves over 600,000 citizens. Graham is the primary construction contractor for the upgrade and expansion program at this facility, the largest cold-weather BNR plant in the world.

Prior to the expansion and upgrades program the plant had an average capacity of 396 ML/day and a peak capacity of 1,096 ML/day.

Through the addition of the new Headworks Facility, the Upgrades to Plants B and C, and the Plant D Expansion the Bonnybrook facility now has an average treatment capacity of 531 ML/day and a peak capacity of 1,390 ML/day. The upgrades added significant treatment capacity, while also improving effluent water quality, energy efficiency, and operational resiliency. Graham has completed and is under contract for the concurrent execution of 14 different construction projects spread across the site, plus numerous individual contract packages, at a combined value of over $700 million. The contract models include Construction Manager, Bid-Build and Construction Management at Risk (CMAR). Graham targets self-performance for 20-80% of the program scope dependent on resource availability and client preferences, providing early construction involvement for design assist services, all execution planning, and all subtrade procurement and management.

Contract Value

$700M+ CAD

Prime Consultant


Project Owner

City of Calgary

Contract Format

Lump Sum, CM, CMAR

Completion Date


Contract Duration