Block 23 & Central Park

Location: Calgary, AB

The Block 23 & Central Park project consists of two signature buildings with mixed-use retail and office space and a large, landscaped park. The build consists of a unique five-storey East Building with offices, restaurants, retail space and a five-theatre Cineplex VIP Cinema. The four-storey West Building contains mixed-use office and ground floor retail spaces. The buildings are interconnected by a 1-level underground Parkade that is connected to the neighboring residential building. A unique pedestrian access component known as the Jewel houses a stairwell to the parkade and takes design cues from the rest of the development to create a visually appealing centerpiece.

The entire project is complete with a 3.2-acre Central Park. The Central Park has the ability to hold festivals year-round, including amphitheater stages, and a refrigerated ice rink in the winter, all fully accessorized with the latest in outdoor park amenities such as fire pits, gathering areas, play structures, furnishings, canopies, and decorative hardscaping.

Graham also completed the full tenant fit-up of the VIP Cinema located in the East Building. The Block 23 & Central Park project is part of the overall University District development where Graham also built Aria, a mixed-use residential building.

Contract Value

$68 million CAD

Prime Consultant

Gibbs Gage Architects

Project Owner

University of Calgary Properties Group


Contract Format

Stipulated Price

Completion Date

November 2021 (Building Component); September 2022 (Central Park)

Contract Duration

16 months preconstruction, 25 months construction (35 including completion of Central Park)